The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Critical GeoWiki

1. Click on map. 2. Press 'i' for Input mode. 3. Complete form, referring to icon legend for appropriate tag.

NOTE: 'Tag' field is case-sensitive. If no tag is specified, item will be plotted as a white dot.
Currently, the form can only accept alphanumeric characters and limited punctuation. Double quotations, parentheses, and pretty much anything other than commas or periods will break the form!

Use only spaces to separate multiple tags, not commas.

Icon and Tag Legend

criticalCritical commentary.
textTextual data (dialogue, signs, narrator commentary) encountered during the game.
queststartLocation where Link is given a task.
questendLocation where Link fulfills a task.
itemInventory items.
mechanicsCommentary on game mechanics and code.
hintHints given to Link in particular areas.
secretHidden rooms or items.
shopShops and what they sell.
bigfairyBig Fairies and what they do.
fairyPermanent locations of small fairies.
bossBoss battle.
heartpieceHeart Pieces.
dropoffBird transport dropoff point.
crystalImprisoned Maiden.
skillSkill received.

Map images assembled by Ian Albert.

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